“They come in the daylight” picked up for publication by Bete Noire’s Fall October 2012 edition!

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Just got notice that my story, “They come in the daylight” is being picked up for publication in Bete Noire’s Fall Oct 2012 edition! Damned if I don’t call that a perk in the day.  The story revolves around a youth depicting the horrific acts that he’s witnessed by the hands of these “creatures” that only come in the daylight and how him and his family manage to survive. 


Check out Bete Noire and get an idea of what they publish and what kind of stories lurk within their pages.


“The Snow Angel” by Neil Kloster

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Back for the holidays… “The Snow Angel” by Neil Kloster


Johnny runs out into the deep snow, happy to have the day off from school.

“Yay!” He says with glee, diving into a large snow mound.

“You do know that’s not snow, don’t you?” Said little Abigail Jones from across the street, pushing her thick rimmed glasses up from the tip of her nose.

“What do you mean?” asked Johnny.

“Its really Angel dandruff,” she said.

“What? You’re pullin’ my leg.”

“It’s true – Angels are so busy dealing with the messes here on earth that they forget to condition properly – leaving them with dry, itchy scalps.  My Grandpa said so.”

“Well, whatever it is… I’m gonna enjoy myself!” Johnny said, falling down and making a ‘snow’ angel with his hands and legs, smiling from ear to ear.

Little Abigail scoffed as Johnny continued to flap back and forth, making his angel.

Getting up, Johnny looked down and saw the fruits of his labor, but he realized that it seemed strange that it was missing something, something very important.


Johnny asked aloud, “where are the Head & Shoulders?”


…The end. 🙂


– Neil K 2010

Upcoming projects, signed projects and more…

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Well, even though the year is not over yet, it has been one hell of a year! 

With Thanksgiving coming and going – I want to take a minute to thank everyone who continues to support me and enjoys my writing.  From my dearest friends and family to the fans new and old.  If I’ve entertained at least one person with what I write – then I call that a success.

A few things in the horizon.  I just signed and sent off a contract to be featured in an upcoming anthology entitled: “100 Horrors” – 100 stories, all 100 words exactly.  Be sure to check it out once it is released early 2012.  My short story, “Need a hand?” will be featured in an upcoming anthology entitled, “Whacked! An Anthology of Murder.”  Not my usual horror genre – but I guess a little branching out never hurt anyone.   Also in the anthology realm, my child-angst story “Mr. Knickerbocker” is set to appear in the anthology “Chained in the attic” which will be coming out sometime in early 2012 and just a few days ago I sent off the written paperwork to have my story “AA is Hell” appear in the next upcoming issue of Dark Gothic Ressurected Magazine.  Be sure to check it out come April 2012.  This story is one of my favorites and will be sure to turn all you drinkers out there sober as hell!!

As always, I’m trying to keep busy.  I’m currently working on a short story (for my own benefit) about love, death and consequences (hmmmm… catchy title?) but we’ll see if I can’t find it a home somewhere.   Plans to revisit TWO previously written Novellas come 2012 and I’m also filled with eager anticipation to start writing a Novella/Novel come the 1st of the year.   

Still waiting on a few things.  Hopefully they all come to fruition. 

2012 will be filled with plenty to keep my plate full – I’m sure of it.  More things to come – some I cannot share right now – but I promise you, they are BIG! 

Until next time.  Thanks for stopping by – feel free to visit any time.

– Neil

‘Deadwalk: A Zombie Anthology” feat. ‘Hunger of the Damned.’

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So a short zombie story of mine that I wrote a few years ago now shows up in ‘Deadwalk: A Zombie Anthology” – which is available for download on Amazon.com HERE for only $2.99.  Pretty decent deal considering you get my story, plus three others from other authors. 

“Hunger of the Damned” revolves around two men running through the streets of New York, trying to survive in a world surrounded by the walking dead.  They make their way to an abondoned hotel room.  Tired and starving, they manage to fend of the horde of zombies outside their door, but what about the growing pain in their stomachs? 

Did I mention that they were starving?

Check it out.  Also the story itself is available on Amazon.com HERE for $0.99 if you are interested.  Enjoy and happy reading and as always – please review any and all of my work on Amazon.com.  I know it seems odd, but it really does help. 

Thanks again.

“I’m in ur dreamz – makin’ you krazyee!”

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Found a neat lil site called, “LOLTHULHU” – which is a mix between LOL catz and Cthulhu for all you H.P. Lovecraft fans out there!  But I thought I would share the wealth…


Here are some of the pics


Anyways… ENJOY!  And for those of you who do NOT know what LOL Catz is or who H.P. LOVECRAFT is… I suggest you highlight those names and prepare to be amazed!!!!

“”we can’t stop here this is ‘bat-cat’ country!”

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Dr. Gonzo – “One toke? You poor fool! Wait till you see those goddamn ‘bat-cats.'”

Keelin in her bat costume. It lasted all of 20 seconds. RECORD!

 Careful now, this is ‘bat-cat’ country!

What does Halloween mean to you?

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Well, Halloween is almost here.  Leaves are turning a burned crispy orange, apple cider is flowing freely and the amount of horror merchandise is upon us all again!  I remember rummaging through the horror movies in the K-mart Halloween aisle and finding the VHS version of ‘Children of the Corn’ and ‘The Lost Boys’ and loving every minute of it.

But what I am curious about is what does Halloween mean to you?  What traditions does your family have?  What are your best and most cherished Halloween (or even autumn) memories?  Is there a particular movie that you enjoy watching every year for Halloween or maybe a fresh re-reading of Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Halloween Tree?’

I want to know what makes Halloween tick for you.  Please comment and let me know and feel free to browse around the rest my blog.

For me: Halloween is an amalgamation of so many different memories, colors, movies and ages.  I remember watching Halloween 6 on pay per view (yes, I actually paid $2.99 to watch that movie) on homecoming my freshman year right before my first high school football game in Dubuque, IA!  (Go ‘Stangs!)

Or even my first Halloween costume party at Carol Gordon’s house where I was first introduced to the movie ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘The Shining’ – what classics!!

The colors of the pumpkins, the gingerly sting of cinnamon and apple cider and the many different times that I ran up and down sidewalks, trick r’ treating my heart out (sometimes in the rain), but it didn’t matter – because Halloween is a special time of year and I want to know what makes it special for everyone out there.  Leave some comments and let everyone know what does Halloween mean to you?