“The Snow Angel” by Neil Kloster

Back for the holidays… “The Snow Angel” by Neil Kloster


Johnny runs out into the deep snow, happy to have the day off from school.

“Yay!” He says with glee, diving into a large snow mound.

“You do know that’s not snow, don’t you?” Said little Abigail Jones from across the street, pushing her thick rimmed glasses up from the tip of her nose.

“What do you mean?” asked Johnny.

“Its really Angel dandruff,” she said.

“What? You’re pullin’ my leg.”

“It’s true – Angels are so busy dealing with the messes here on earth that they forget to condition properly – leaving them with dry, itchy scalps.  My Grandpa said so.”

“Well, whatever it is… I’m gonna enjoy myself!” Johnny said, falling down and making a ‘snow’ angel with his hands and legs, smiling from ear to ear.

Little Abigail scoffed as Johnny continued to flap back and forth, making his angel.

Getting up, Johnny looked down and saw the fruits of his labor, but he realized that it seemed strange that it was missing something, something very important.


Johnny asked aloud, “where are the Head & Shoulders?”


…The end. 🙂


– Neil K 2010


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