Upcoming projects, signed projects and more…

Well, even though the year is not over yet, it has been one hell of a year! 

With Thanksgiving coming and going – I want to take a minute to thank everyone who continues to support me and enjoys my writing.  From my dearest friends and family to the fans new and old.  If I’ve entertained at least one person with what I write – then I call that a success.

A few things in the horizon.  I just signed and sent off a contract to be featured in an upcoming anthology entitled: “100 Horrors” – 100 stories, all 100 words exactly.  Be sure to check it out once it is released early 2012.  My short story, “Need a hand?” will be featured in an upcoming anthology entitled, “Whacked! An Anthology of Murder.”  Not my usual horror genre – but I guess a little branching out never hurt anyone.   Also in the anthology realm, my child-angst story “Mr. Knickerbocker” is set to appear in the anthology “Chained in the attic” which will be coming out sometime in early 2012 and just a few days ago I sent off the written paperwork to have my story “AA is Hell” appear in the next upcoming issue of Dark Gothic Ressurected Magazine.  Be sure to check it out come April 2012.  This story is one of my favorites and will be sure to turn all you drinkers out there sober as hell!!

As always, I’m trying to keep busy.  I’m currently working on a short story (for my own benefit) about love, death and consequences (hmmmm… catchy title?) but we’ll see if I can’t find it a home somewhere.   Plans to revisit TWO previously written Novellas come 2012 and I’m also filled with eager anticipation to start writing a Novella/Novel come the 1st of the year.   

Still waiting on a few things.  Hopefully they all come to fruition. 

2012 will be filled with plenty to keep my plate full – I’m sure of it.  More things to come – some I cannot share right now – but I promise you, they are BIG! 

Until next time.  Thanks for stopping by – feel free to visit any time.

– Neil


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