‘Deadwalk: A Zombie Anthology” feat. ‘Hunger of the Damned.’

So a short zombie story of mine that I wrote a few years ago now shows up in ‘Deadwalk: A Zombie Anthology” – which is available for download on Amazon.com HERE for only $2.99.  Pretty decent deal considering you get my story, plus three others from other authors. 

“Hunger of the Damned” revolves around two men running through the streets of New York, trying to survive in a world surrounded by the walking dead.  They make their way to an abondoned hotel room.  Tired and starving, they manage to fend of the horde of zombies outside their door, but what about the growing pain in their stomachs? 

Did I mention that they were starving?

Check it out.  Also the story itself is available on Amazon.com HERE for $0.99 if you are interested.  Enjoy and happy reading and as always – please review any and all of my work on Amazon.com.  I know it seems odd, but it really does help. 

Thanks again.


One Response to “‘Deadwalk: A Zombie Anthology” feat. ‘Hunger of the Damned.’”

  1. Just downloaded to my kindle

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