What does Halloween mean to you?

Well, Halloween is almost here.  Leaves are turning a burned crispy orange, apple cider is flowing freely and the amount of horror merchandise is upon us all again!  I remember rummaging through the horror movies in the K-mart Halloween aisle and finding the VHS version of ‘Children of the Corn’ and ‘The Lost Boys’ and loving every minute of it.

But what I am curious about is what does Halloween mean to you?  What traditions does your family have?  What are your best and most cherished Halloween (or even autumn) memories?  Is there a particular movie that you enjoy watching every year for Halloween or maybe a fresh re-reading of Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Halloween Tree?’

I want to know what makes Halloween tick for you.  Please comment and let me know and feel free to browse around the rest my blog.

For me: Halloween is an amalgamation of so many different memories, colors, movies and ages.  I remember watching Halloween 6 on pay per view (yes, I actually paid $2.99 to watch that movie) on homecoming my freshman year right before my first high school football game in Dubuque, IA!  (Go ‘Stangs!)

Or even my first Halloween costume party at Carol Gordon’s house where I was first introduced to the movie ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘The Shining’ – what classics!!

The colors of the pumpkins, the gingerly sting of cinnamon and apple cider and the many different times that I ran up and down sidewalks, trick r’ treating my heart out (sometimes in the rain), but it didn’t matter – because Halloween is a special time of year and I want to know what makes it special for everyone out there.  Leave some comments and let everyone know what does Halloween mean to you?


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