“End of the Road” now only 99 cents!

My story “End of the Road” is now available for purchase from Amazon.com for only 99 cents!   It’s available in any electronic form or for PC download.  For 99 cents – you can’t beat that!  You can purchase the story here!

Synopsis: It’s just another day in the life of John Duran, loser and family black sheep. Another day in a string of millions of days that have come and gone as the world keeps turning-or is it just another day?  When John encounters a drunken old fool, sprawled on the side of highway, his night just has taken a very unexpected turn and what John finds may just be…the end of the road.

Please read it and leave a review on Amazon.com if you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading my stories and I hope that you enjoy them and the many more that are soon to come.

– Neil



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