Happy Birthday To ME!

Well, it happened.  This past week – I turned 30.  (you didn’t!).  Yes, I did.  It happened initially on Sept 8th, during a nice warm day.  I sat a home.  Enjoying the peacefulness that came with being off work all week.  The cat was running around all bat-shit crazy.  Chasing after ghosts and ropes and little red laser beams.  It was a fun morning.

The day itself was fine.  Presents were opened.  Oohs and Aahs were had.  My mom (LOVE HER) got me: Devil on Blu-ray, Alien Anthology on Blu-ray, Night Gallery season 2 and many other items.  My loving girlfriend Alissa (LOVE HER!) got me the soundtrack of a lifetime!  She managed to track down and get me the original Hellraiser Soundtrack!!!  Lasagna bake and ice cream ‘quake’ was enjoyed towards the end of the evening.  All in all a good day.

The weekend – I initially had subscribed to the idea that I was going to share Alissa with our two friends Katie & Jeremy (KJ for short).  We were going to go out to Dave & Busters for some good ole’ fashion adult fun.  Low and behold did I ever expect it to turn out to me a surprise party with 20+ people there… all for little ole me!  Friends from states away, counties away and even my mom came in from Iowa to be here!  (mind you a 9+ hour drive).  The party was filled with cards, food (tons of food) Spiderman presents up the ass and of course… GAMES! 

We left Dave & Busters with no tickets, less money (well, I had accumulated more money), tons of memories and 4 foot tall GIANT BANANA!  The giant banana came up to finish off the night with a night cap and a round of poker at our apartment with everyone.  Jeremy, Joe, ‘The Bert’ and I played a little harmless starburst and nerd poker (which got quite competitive) while the women foke gabbed and played with the cat. 

Apparently, this surprise party had been in the works for the better part of 4 months or longer!  AND I HAD NO IDEA!  Man… I’m gullible.  While I have already dismissed Alissa’s deceiptful lies to me about last weekend, I still feel that this was by far the best 30th birthday I’ve had.  I continue to only turn thirty for the next 11 yrs and thus pass up the dreaded 40th birthday.

While I conclude this – I wanted to thank everyone for their wishes, their presences and their presents!  You are all loved and it feels great to know that so many people turned out for little ole me.  I received a CrAzY amount of Facebook wishes from all over the globe.  So in closing – Happy Birthday to ME!

Oh lonely Banana... drinking won't help your problems.


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