Read “The Favorite” available in issue 19 of ‘Sex and Murder Magazine’

That’s right friends – my new story “The Favorite” is now available to read FOR FREE via pdf or in print copy for $7.99!  Check out the website for the new issue HERE

“The Favorite” revolves around a girl who feels jaded in her sisters shadow.  She continues to be compared to her dead sister Katrina.  She’s never pretty enough, smart enough; and begins to lose herself.  Her parents even make her wear Katrina’s old clothes, drive her old car and slowly… mold herself into her dead sisters shoes.  

One night, her parents come home to her sitting near the fire, a dirty shovels resting comfortably and wet on her lap.  Her chair sits rocking back and forth while the other one sits occupied – and as still as the grave.

"The Favorite" - by Neil Kloster


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