New look & a new story! “End of the Road” available now!

Check out the new look of my blog and also please check out my new story “End of the Road” – available now.  Buy it from here for only $1.99!   Also looking for people to post reviews on – So if you read it (or any of my work) and like what you see – please be so kind to post a review on 

Synopsis: It’s just another day in the life of John Duran, loser and family black sheep. Another day in a string of millions of days that have come and gone as the world keeps turning- or is it just another day?  As John finds a drunk old man, lying halfway in the road, raving on that, “The end of the world is here,” he finds that today is far from just another day, John will find that sometimes things in life cannot be explained, sometimes the end of the world is closer than you think and that it may just be lying up ahead ….at the end of the road.    

Don’t have a kindle?  (neither do I), but don’t let that stop you!  You can download the story and read it on your computer, blackberry, android or any other smart phone in under a minute!


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