“Anna” available now

My novella “Anna” is now available now from Panic Press Publishing. 

order for £4.99 Here

Book Description

“I want to taste all of you,” she said, and then quickly makes the cut on Simon’s inner thigh.   Wincing, Simon jerks back as Anna kneels down in front of him and licks the tender wound.  She then takes him in her mouth and as she continues to pleasure him with her tongue.  Simon falls back onto the bed and wonders, wonders just how it came to be that he wound up here, with this girl, he called Anna.

Not truly knowing her name, but having experienced the best sex he’s had in months, maybe longer – Simon feels a newly rekindled vigor awaken within him.
He continues to play the night over and over again in his mind, the way Anna kissed him, pleasured him, cut him.
He can not erase it, nor deny the thought and feel of her slicing his skin and how it sets his body on fire with excitement.
However, within days, Simon feels his body growing numb and his appetites and tastes wilt and dull with every passing moment.  Even the simple act of sex with other women cannot not strip the memory of Anna and her blade away from his minds eye.  Quickly, Simon finds himself wanting and hungry for it – an addict now going through withdrawals.
Broken, bleeding and lost – he finds himself drawn back to the place where he knows now that love not only stings, but that it can bleed as well.
…Once again – thank you to everyone for their continued support and tremendous encouragement!

– Neil


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