“Hunger of the Damned” Available now for only $1.99

Hello everyone!

My short story entitled “Hunger of the Damned” was purchased by Bookstogonow.com and is now available for purchase either as a pdf or any e-reader for $1.99 on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com. You can pick it up HERE and feel free to review any and all of my stories on Amazon.com or Barnes&Noble.com.

“Two men continuing to run through a rotting city filled with the undead battle starvation and hopelessness when cornered in a hotel room with no way out, fending off hordes of hungry undead creatures from outside their door all the while fighting the searing hunger in their own stomachs.  With no food, what choices are left?”

Enjoy and thank you everyone for your continued support!  You are awesome!!


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