Who is Neil Kloster? …And what is “Short Screams?”

If I’ve even managed to catch just a quick moment of fleeting attention from you – perhaps you’d be willing to walk and read a step further?

So why are you reading this? 

…and why should you care?

My name is Neil Kloster and I am a writer.  I live in Aurora, IL and I am currently working on a series of books which are entitled, “Short Screams.”  They are collections of stories that I have had in my mind – some even as early as childhood.  I write to share my experiences, my horrors, my thoughts on things, my takes on current works, etc.

I write to shock, to horrify, to entertain, to question and to make you – the reader – feel that you will not be able to shake what you’ve just read out any time soon. 

So – as with this – my first collection, “Short Screams: Volume 1” will tentatively be out this October 2010.  Please look for it on Amazon and other sites as well.  I am also looking to wrap up work on the second volume as well and hope to have it out as soon as possible.  I am currently self-publishing my work until I find a publisher that is willing to work with me and vise versa.  If any are out there that are interested – please contact me at Ianallen13@hotmail.com

I hope that you will enjoy what I’ve created and help me spread the word.

– N


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